Rescued Pets Movement

How Rescued Pets Movement Works

An estimated 1 million homeless dogs and cats roam the streets of Houston, TX. With many animal shelters and other animal welfare organizations operating at capacity (and often overcapacity), this overcrowding forces the city’s kill shelters to euthanize up to 85% of the animals brought in.

Rescued Pets Movement is here to change that.

Rescued Pets Movement gives pets needing homes a second chance at life by, sometimes literally, pulling pets from death row. Once saved and in loving foster homes, these pets receive the crucial rehabilitation and medical care they lacked while they were on the streets. We've teamed up with reputable animal welfare organizations in areas across the United States and Canada with a high demand for adoptable pets and then transport those pets to their forever homes.

Our model is simple - if Houston has a high number of homeless pets, we'll send them to places where people actually want to adopt animals. And it works! We've driven over 1.5 million miles to bring pets to their forever homes, and with your donation, we can continue this amazing work.