# Do Your Part

As a small business, we have pledged we will do our part to support other small businesses in our community. We are fortunate we can work remotely and maintain our production schedules. Others are not so fortunate. Being mandated to close your doors, lay off your workforce, and not know when you will be able to reopen must make you feel so defeated.

Support Local Small Businesses

We have always been proud to be this community's print shop!  During these uncertain times, many of our local small businesses, bars, and restaurants are having to temporarily close or adjust their operations drastically.

 We have kept the artwork shirt options simple to help maximize the money generated.  For full transparency, each shirt costs $15.  $7.50 will buy gift cards from locally-owned restaurants, then the gift cards will be donated to help feed families right here in Fort Bend County,  $7.50 will be put towards production cost.

It's a triple! Your purchase helps 1. our shop and it's employees.  2. local restaurants   3. hungry families

Amazingly, humans have adjusted overnight and united in isolation to play our part in fighting this pandemic. We want to make sure that when this storm is weathered, we are able to open up our Google Maps and that the places we all love and support will still be there. With each shirt purchased 100% of the proceeds will go towards buying gift cards from all of our favorite local businesses and sent to local organizations to disperse them for people in need of food, clothing, or other essentials items.

By making a purchase, you are doing more than buying a cool shirt. We are saving someone’s business and giving hope to someone in need. We are doing our part!