Andrew's Army Summer 2020

Speaking of treatment (a lot of you have asked about the details, so here goes)... we continue to praise the Lord for making a way for this Alpha Therapy (so many miracles already revealed in the timing, location, and approval of this treatment) and pray that the Lord carries us through all the nuances... it's starting to get real!!!  UPDATE- We got a call from Andrew's treatment facility that the radiation manufacturer had to push back when they will have Andrew's dose available, so his new date for treatment is August 6th.  He will have 2 days worth of scans and labs and we have a meeting with his Dr's for a consultation, to sign consents, etc that same week.  Lord willing, he will get his first dose of radiation treatment on August 6th, then he and David will leave the clinic where he is treated and stay at a hotel that night, return to the clinic the following day for more scans, and then head to David's parents house where they will live upstairs for a couple nights and then go camping for a couple nights before returning home.  After Andrew receives a round of treatment, he has to stay away from Abby and Grace for 4-5 days and we (adults) have to stay a meter away from him at all times because he's radioactive.  He has to have his own bathroom, flush the toilet 3 times, we have to bag up any clothes or toys he plays with and put them aside for 2 weeks to allow time for the radioactivity to biodegrade off.  In terms of the side effects he will likely experience, he will likely have a rebound of pain from the tumors being radiated, nausea/vomiting, fatigue, and his hair will fall out a good bit.  It sounds like he won't be bald, but he will have very heavy "shedding" which will likely make him want to shave his head.  Will you please pray all of these side effects are minimal or even non existent?  Andrew isn't excited about losing his hair, especially upon entering a new school/campus (he will be going into the 6th grade, which is the most AMAZING school ever, so I know he will be in good hands, but it will be much different than the precious elementary school bubble he's use to).  Above all, will you PLEASE pray that this treatment literally eradicates every single cancer cell in his body?  The results in the 7 adults that have received this therapy are pretty astounding, however, what we don't know is how long these results last, long term consequences of the treatment (especially in a child), etc, but the good news is that God knows and this story is His to author, so we will continue to pray and hope for a miracle.  THANK YOU for being such faithful prayer warriors!!!  Your prayers mean everything to us!!! #fightlikeaRoss #butGod #hopeon