HOPE UPDATE- Thank you for your response to our urgent prayer request… God heard our prayers and responded with much mercy and Grace!
Talking to a dr that exudes hope is a gift that is beyond explanation… The plan is that Andrew will do dialysis for a year or two (not fun… at all, but in His strength and for His glory, we will choose joy) while we watch what his kidneys and cancer does. If the cancer remains stable (please, please, please pray that is the case) and if his kidneys haven’t recovered (would require a miracle… but I know a guy ✝️) then he is in full support of advocating (how ever necessary) for Andrew to get a kidney transplant! He shared that Andrew’s cancer is different than other cancers and that he isn’t worried about a kidney transplant making his cancer worse (because of the immunosuppressive drugs that are required) and if that were to happen than we would deal with the cancer again at that point.
The point of the story is… there isn’t another patient like Andrew in the world (a child with his type of cancer, the treatment he’s received, the odd presentation of his kidney failure, etc), so everyone is walking blindly by the worlds standards, but we know a guy… butGod… the Author and Perfecter of all things!
Will you please continue to pray for miracles (allllll the things), for peace and hope along this uphill journey, and that God would get all the glory! Thank you for never tiring and always being willing to get in the trenches with us! 💚✝️🙌🏻🙏🏼


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