It's been 3 years since Andrew was diagnosed and that is the timeline his Oncologist gave us for how long he thought Andrew would live.  We have expectant hope and trust that the Lord will make a way for Andrew to live a long life and we'll never stop praying for a miracle of complete healing or that he could live to be an old man with this cancer being managed as a chronic condition versus a life sentence.  In March, it'll be two years since his last round of PRRT (radiation treatment that has never been done in a child before, but it was our only hope) and 2-2.5 years is the median progression-free survival in the PRRT studies (the average time when/until a patient progresses).  We use to feel like we would be so grateful if Andrew's disease could be stable for 2-2.5 years, but that time has flown by and I am starting to have a little anxiety; I don't want this sweet time to end, where breakthrough pain isn't a regular part of our everyday life, acting as an in your face reminder that his body is riddled with cancer.  We will fight to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus and continue to change our "what if's" to "even if's".  #butGod #hopeon #Heisourhope

In celebration of this 3 year milestone, we are making the newly designed Andrew’s Army shirts available to our whole army! These are the shirts our 2019 Snowdrop 55 Hour Relay teams will be wearing as we run from Dec 30th to Jan 1st, in support of Andrew and all the kiddos that have fought or are fighting pediatric cancer.


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